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for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.17

Delve into a sprawling network of underground caverns and conquer deadly dungeons in this remastered remonstered version of an age-old classic!

Lenta Fortuna

for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.17

Explore this interconnected valley and receive loot from the Emerald Altar. Will your offerings be worthy? Will luck be on your side? Fate will decide.


for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.17

Crash-landed in a city of androids, unraveling a sinister plot may be your only hope of escape. What dark secrets lie in wait as you freely explore this open world?

Crimson Torrent

for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.14

Your vacation to the Nether has gone horribly wrong! Find all the pieces to your portal so you can go get an actual vacation, as you're gonna need it after this brutal challenge.

Find more of my work in the Diversity trilogy, by qmagnet:


for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Collect wool to complete the monument in this modern remake of the map that started it all.

Diversity 2

for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.8

Complete the monument once again in the most downloaded Minecraft world of all time!

Diversity 3

for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.14

The Diversity trilogy comes to a close in this epic multi-genre conclusion.

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